Teaching an Old Dog new tricks

Before going further I want to mention “I love AI”. I’m obsessed with it !

I’ve been developing code longer than most Data Scientists and Machine Learning developers have been alive. That’s not to say there aren’t seasoned professionals who were the trailblazers for this new paradigm of teaching machines how to learn like humans. People like Andrew Ng, Geoffrey Hinton, and Yan LeCun are a few of the brilliant visionaries that have turned the promise of AI we heard so much about in the 80’s into a reality today. But, the truth is this discipline is just beginning to reach critical mass and therefore most of today’s practitioners are either recent grads or converts from some other aspect of software engineering. In either case there is not a large population of  experienced practitioners in this new world of AI.

I’m one of the “converts”. I’m fascinated with the potential of what can be done with Machine Learning. I’ve lived and worked through a bunch of technology paradigm shifts, mainframe to distributed computing, networking, personal computer, the internet, mobility, and today – machine learning. I’m convinced it will change our lives as significantly and perhaps more significantly than these previous technology breakthroughs.

I’m not a Data Scientist.

I’m not a Mathematician.

I’m a uber-geek that loves technology, I make my living developing cool products and spend my nights and weekends researching and implementing the latest trends in technology.

Background on how I learned about machine learning

This blog is for the “converts”,